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Terms of Service

1. About

Cuisine Deliveries is a restaurant website that offers our customers a convenient way to find local restaurants that deliver to their area.
We offer an easy way to find local restaurants, type of cuisine or a specific dish easily with our search tools & provide an easy way to order food on your computer and get your meal delivered with no fuss.

Restaurants that deliver themselves will be shown as “Delivered by the restaurant” & Restaurants we deliver for will be shown as “Delivered by Cuisine Deliveries”

Restaurants that “Deliver themselves” are listed on our site at “No Extra Charge” to our customers; the prices listed on our site will be the same as at the restaurants.

Our delivery service is setup for restaurants that don’t deliver themselves or prefer if we deliver for them; these listings are clearly marked on our site as “Delivered by Cuisine Deliveries”.
For these restaurants we have marked up the prices & charge a flat delivery fee to cover our expenses.

Pictures are for advertisement purposes only, Cuisine Deliveries take no responsibility for the food that the restaurants have provided us that is received by the customer.

This website may be unavailable at Certance times for maintenance, upgrades & or down time.
If this occurs whilst placing an order or if you’re not sure if your order has gone through due to this please contact the restaurant or Cuisine Deliveries immediately to check on your order.
If your order has not gone through our system & your credit card was changed, we will refund the by the next day & email conformation of this. If you haven’t received conformation within 24 hours then please contact us immediately so we can arrange it.

2. Intellectual Property

The use of this site is strictly for personal & non commercial use.
No content can be reproduced, copied, downloaded, transmitted, displayed, modified, nor can any of the material on this site can be reused or distributed in any way, to any other computer, server, Web site or other medium for publication or distributed for any commercial enterprise without the prior written consent from Cuisine Deliveries.
All graphics, text, photographs, user interfaces, trademarks, logos, artwork including design, layout, “Look & Feel” is owned by & licensed to Cuisine Deliveries, and is protected by copyright, patent and trademark laws, and various other intellectual property rights and unfair competition laws. You grant Cuisine Deliveries the ownership to this intellectual property and the right to use it in any manner Cuisine Deliveries chooses, to the maximum extent permitted by law.

3. Limitation of Liability

Cuisine Deliveries under no circumstances will be liable for any losses or damages from use of this site or the use of our delivery service, any illness caused by consumption of the food provided is accepted at full risk of the customer.

Cuisine Deliveries does “NOT” make or prepare any of the meals delivered, all meals are provided by the restaurants that are listed on our website & we take no responsibility of the meal quality or quantity that is provided by the restaurants.

Any disputes between you and the restaurant in relation to the meal size, meal quality, amount paid will be resolved between you and the restaurants.

Cuisine Deliveries provides restaurant listings and menu information & is no way responsible for any complaints arising from the service supplied by the restaurants.

4. Delivery Times

We provide an estimated time of arrival and in no way guarantee that your meal will arrive at any specific time due to unforeseen circumstances, (eg.car breakdowns, and restaurants holding up our delivery drivers, bad traffic conditions, and accidents).

The delivery times indicated on the website are estimate times only, based on information supplied by the restaurants themselves & on the amount of orders the drivers have to do in anyone time.

5. Menu Changes

Cuisine Deliveries takes no responsibility to changes in prices as restaurants may delete or update their menus without notice including specials and or loyalty discounts & discount coupons.
We will however update our prices as soon as the restaurants have advised us of the change.

If you have ordered from an item that has been changed, taken off the menu or if the restaurant has ran out of this food item, we will contact you to let you know of the change & give you the option to continue the order.

If you are unreachable by the phone number you have provided then your order will be cancelled & we will email you conformation of this.

6. Ordering

Once your order has been placed online you will be emailed a receipt of your order & given an approximate ETA on arrival.
Your IP address will be recorded for verification of an authentic order, we reserve the right to trace your IP address & if necessary contact your ISP provider in the event of a suspected breach of these terms & conditions.
We reserve the right to suspend you from our services if you have breached our terms & conditions & will be unable to use our services nor will you be able to join or reuse our services without prior written consent.

7. Order Changes & Cancellations

You can or change or cancel your order up to the point of the order being sent to the restaurant; if your order has been started at the restaurant we will be unable to cancel or change the order.

We or the restaurant may cancel an order after conformation has been sent to you due to unforeseen circumstances that may arise on rare occasions; in this event you will be notified immediately or as soon as possible to so for any cancellation.

8. Estimated Time of Delivery

The ETA is in no way guaranteed this is an approximate time of arrival, if your meal is going to be late we will provide an update to your order via SMS or Email or by phone.

If your meal is more than 30 minutes over the original ETA given, “We” may at our discretion provide either a discount or a refund depending on the circumstance.

9. Receiving Your Meal

If you’re missing an item of your order please contact us straight away so we can arrange that to be redelivered as soon as possible; if you don’t call us back within the hour from receiving your meal we may not be able to replace or refund your missing meal.

10. Acceptance of Meals

All meals will be deemed delivered & accepted by “You” if “We” have not been told to the contrary, once 2 hours has passed from when the meal was ordered or 30 minutes after the ETA if exceeding the 2 hours; “You” will be provided the contact number of the establishments of who is providing the delivery of your meal once a complaint has been lodged at our contact us page.

Upon arrival the delivery driver will contact you via the door, door bell or intercom.
If the driver is unable to contact you via the listed methods above, “We” will contact you on the provided contact number given & or directly to your room if staying at a resort or hotel.

If we are unable to deliver your meal due to “You” being unreachable after 5 minutes the driver will return once you have contacted “Us” by the provided number given; but only after completing the other client’s deliveries that were due next.

If we do not hear back from you, your order will be deemed as delivered and full payment will be required, if you have paid by credit card then payment will be accepted as paid in full, if you had chosen to pay cash on arrival then an invoice will be sent out to you for the amount owing & or you will be contacted to make payment.

If your meal is not delivered and you have waited past the ETA & you have not been contacted its possible your meal was delivered to the wrong address, if you don’t call us back to let us know within 1 hour of the ETA of delivery then your meal will be deemed delivered & final.

Once your order has been accepted, this represents an agreement between you the customer and the restaurant, the restaurant has sole responsibility for this order.

11. Complaints about Meals

Cuisine Deliveries is a restaurant website and we cannot guarantee the quality of food or service from any restaurant, we will soon be adding in a rating feature so you can leave your feedback directly on our site.

If you are unsatisfied with your meal you will need to contact the restaurant directly, please call them on the number listed or go to our contact us page, click complaints this will bring up a form to fill out.

Once submitted your complaint will be emailed to the restaurants email address, restaurants may or may not reply; we recommend that you call them directly for an immediate response.

12. Refunds

Cuisine Deliveries can provide you a refund to your credit card if your payment was made online at www.cuisinedeliveries.com.au and if the restaurant has approved the refund.
To request a refund that was paid on our site, please go to our contact us page and click “Refund Request” this will bring up a form to fill out, once filled out please provide all details about the refund request.
You will be emailed back a ticket number & your request will be emailed to both Cuisine Deliveries and to the restaurant directly, we will follow up on your restaurant to the restaurant and email you back on the outcome.
You can also contact the restaurant on their phone number directly too of course.
Note: If your payment was made to the restaurant directly then you will have to contact them about a refund.

13. Indemnity

You agree under no circumstances will Cuisine Deliveries or its directors, officers, agents, employees or contractors have any liability for any direct, indirect, special or consequential losses, damages or any claims, demands, proceedings arising in contract, tort or otherwise from the use or inability to use this Site from or in relation to the service provided by Cuisine Deliveries, including those made by any third party arising out of your breach of these Terms of Service, or your violation of any law or the rights of a third party.

14. Terms & Conditions

These terms & conditions may be updated at any time without notice & you agree to these changes, any changes will be updated at www.cuisinedeliveries.com.au

15. Governing Law

The laws of the State of Queensland and the Commonwealth of Australia govern this website & its use. This website may be accessed throughout Australia & overseas but Cuisine Deliveries makes no representations or warranties that the content of this web site complies with the laws, including intellectual property laws of any country outside Australia. If you access this web site from outside Australia, you do so at your own risk and are responsible for ensuring compliance with all laws in the place where you are located.